Innovative & Impactful Software

Measure and Improve Well-Being and Learning

Our MARIO for Me™ software measures learning outcomes in real-time and empowers students to meaningfully reflect on their learning through one-to-one conversations and classes.

Privilege student voice and allow all students to share with a trusted adult (or group of adults) how they are feeling about their academic progress, wellbeing, safety, and attitudes to learning.





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Visualize & Prioritize with MARIO for Me

Educators can readily visualize and measure learning outcomes, reflect on their teaching practice, and adjust to meet the needs of their students with our MARIO for Me software.
  • Puts the student first by making the Individualized Education Plan process more meaningful while reducing paperwork.

  • Gives you the ability to design, implement, and share one-to-one learning conversations between students and educators all in one place.

  • Easily monitor and share your students’ levels of progress through a range of critical data points, both quantitative and qualitative.

MARIO for Me Key Features

We have created a truly unique suite of tools that makes the evidence-based practice of The MARIO Framework® easier to implement, measure, and showcase. The MARIO for Me software works equally as effectively in the classroom or virtual learning scenarios.

Protect Privacy

Student privacy and safety come first. We’ve partnered with PRIVO to ensure MARIO for Me is COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant.

Empower Learners

With research-based strategies, data collection, and feedback tools at your fingertips, empower your learners in ways not previously possible.

Connect More

Educators can finally make time for more meaningful conversations with students that are scaffolded and lead to greater growth.

Close Gaps

Catalyze learning and close gaps with our software application of The MARIO Approach™, our evidence-based intervention with a measured effect size of .91.

Measure What Matters

High levels of personalization helps you measure what you value, not the other way around.

Model Success

Our unique teacher and student-facing software empowers educators to model what successful learning looks like.

Improve Compliance

Extensive customized reports ensure your school can demonstrate that learning is occurring in a variety of ways.

Reduce Workload

Easily prepare for learning conversations, track interventions, measure growth, write reports, and communicate with parents or guardians.

Always Innovating

We seamlessly and regularly integrate the latest research and your feedback into our software to empower you to harness the full potential of the most effective and evidence-based tools available for education and well-being.

How to Purchase MARIO for Me

The MARIO for Me software can be purchased by any school, anywhere. To help make personalized learning accessible, we’ve outlined how the MARIO for Me software and MARIO Framework courses qualify for US funding sources. If you are looking to develop self-directed learners, the MARIO Framework provides the solutions outlined below.

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Please contact us to start a conversation around how we can support you and your students.

The MARIO Framework provides solutions that are eligible for funding under ESSA Title 1, 2, 3 and 4; IDEA B; and ESSER I, II, and ARP.

Please get in touch here, and we’ll work out how best to serve you.

Asian businesswoman, real estate agent, talking on the phone with a customer about the details of selling a house How to buy a house step by step in the office and use the tablet.