Ensure All Students Are Safe, Ready To Learn, and Thriving

With our solutions you can ensure every student thrives by:
– Giving all students a voice and access to a trusted adult
– Upskilling staff with the tools for personalized support
– Using data to prevent crises before they occur


Closes the GPA achievement gap by 27%


Our approach is in the top 5% of educational interventions, read the peer-reviewed study


Decrease students of concern by 24%

  • M Measured
  • A Ambitious
  • R Research-informed and evidence-based
  • I Innovative
  • O One-to-one learning centered

MARIO for Me Software

Measure what matters and use data to build a better learning experience with MARIO for Me™. Our software successfully addresses dozens of pain points schools encounter and has been cross-referenced with the six tenets of humane technology.


Understand the whole child and create personalized learning plans that work


Track and analyze well-being data at the individual, class, and whole-school level


Collect student data effortlessly with routine check-ins and classroom reflection data


Streamline goal progress and reduce paperwork with all student notes saved in one place

Professional Learning Courses

Our professional learning courses offer an in-depth understanding of the research and pedagogy behind The MARIO Framework®, our approach to personalizing learning. Educators report a significant increase in self-efficacy after completing MARIO courses. Develop new skills, tap into resources, and connect with like-minded educators around the globe.

One-to-one conferences

Learn our effective 1:1 conversation intervention


Understand how to support diverse student needs


Build a flexible program centered on self-directed learning


Apply learning immediately to your context

Robust Digital Privacy & Security

Our mission to prioritize student safety is reinforced by our robust digital privacy and security systems, policies, and training – allowing you to confidently implement MARIO for Me in any context.

Student Privacy Pledge 2020 Badge (17/8/23)
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Design Thinking


Rooted in Research

MARIO Education is deeply rooted in research, our unique approach has been cultivated through a multidisciplinary lens. Our team regularly reviews recently published studies and shares key findings and potential applications.

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What Educators and Learners Say About Us

Educators and learners all over the world have connected and improved learning outcomes through MARIO. Here’s what they had to say about their MARIO experience.


of students report positive benefits from our 1:1 conversations


I found it very purposeful, intentional, and easy to apply to my own context.

Male administrator
Chris Boyle
International School of Dhaka

I can attest to the effectiveness of what was implemented in their one-on-one sessions and conferences. My children received personalized, bespoke attention curated to their specific needs. They are applying the tools they learned in their college setting. My children are self-reliant and independently managing their lives and their education.

Female parent
Proud Parent of MARIO Learners

The best thing about The MARIO Framework is the way it taught me evidence-based approaches to specialist education but in an easy-to-understand format. The wording that was used was user-friendly and easy to understand so it did not overwhelm. One of my main concerns was helping my learner to develop socially. This course has given me access to many evidence based strategies to help me support my learner with these goals.

Female teacher
Ellen Bates

The one-to-one sessions allow for the opening of another perspective into what you are really going through in life, and it really helps.

Male student
MARIO Learner

MARIO was a BIG wake up for me. I have been in resource rooms (withdrawal rooms) for 10 years and I focused on 1. Getting to know how a student learns, 2. Helping students grow in their approaches to learning, self management etc. 3. Helping students set goals. BUT…I never organized my learning conversations in the way MARIO has set it up. This stretches what I do every day because it organizes for me new and different learning conversations.

Male teacher
Thomas Johnstone

I now trust that students can achieve a goal and be in charge of their learning, and know that taking time to do so was a good use of time.

Female teacher
Lise Gauvreau
AFNorth International School

The way that the framework empowers learners to engage and take ownership in their learning journey is the best thing about The MARIO Framework.

Female teacher
Ashley Parnell
Cairo American College

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